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First Listen: “Nuclear” by Destiny’s Child

original destiny's child newHere’s a vintage Destiny’s Child image for your sans Michelle. This new song is obviously just a ploy to shift some records for the repetitive Love Songs compilation. Although the songs seems to sample a Massive Attack tune, it’s still just a little above average. Do you think Beyonce will take the time out of promoting her fifth album to do a video for this track. We think not.


Diva Quotidian, Vol. 8


Beats: Mariah Pacifier

 So, we wait and wait and then get E=MC². 

And then she barely promotes it.

But, we excuse her because she got married.

Instead, of announcing a tour.

Or a fourth single with a lush video.

We get this greatest hits collection of love songs.

For her years as a Sony artist without anything new.

And the cover is so averagite, it could have been Jessica Simpson.

I am disappointed. But, I will buy it.