Introducing… Delilah

Delilah can push you back in your seat and demand you attention. A trait rarely found in today’s pop start. Her fusion of soul , pop and a tint of world makes for sturdy melodies as demonstrated on her new track “Love You So.”

She is the industry’s best-kept secret. With no released material – not even a MySpace/Twitter page until now! She presents a new and exciting prospect for her major label. With a catalogue of raw material under her belt – one being the first song she wrote when she was 12, this talented young woman has the industries finest in a stir.

Delilah’s unique look and sound epitomizes the true essence of the multi cultural environment she grew up. She was raised amongst the vibrant sound of London’s live music scene. Her father introduced her to this through his work in promoting British bands and live music, during the 90’s. When he died in 2002, Delilah used her emotional experiences of life and death to start creating her own music.

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