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More about Teena Marie’s passing away!

We have compiled more articles on the death of the pioneer of blue-eyed soul Teena Marie. She will be greatly missed.


Teena Marie found dead!

This is unconfirmed as of yet, but it’s worth a report. News just in is that 80s’ soul and pop icon Teena Marie has been found dead. Twitter’s going aflame with this news, but no official reports have come out yet! This is all alleged news but this is what we found on another blog: “A very good source has informed me that Singer Teena Marie has died. No details at this moment and the report is still unconfirmed as the source is very distraught but we will keep you posted. WDAS radio said that this true via Patty Jackson, but still nobody confirm it. if so she was one of the greats in music

Click here to listen to and watch Teena Marie’s hit song “Lovergirl.”

Click here to listen to Teena Marie’s hit song “Can’t Last A Day” with Faith Evans.

UPDATE: CONFIRMED. Apart from Twitter tweets, LOFT965.com was the first to publish the news (follow us if you want the latest in the world of music). Click here for the CNN Report.

UPDATE: Some reports claim, allegedly, that the death is due to a seizure.

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