Introducing… Lotte Mullan

New voice hailing from the UK. Sweet and sombre. She explains: “I’m a country girl but I live with the city folk, my heart still lies amidst the fields in deepest darkest Suffolk where I was born but my love affair with London has been going strong for 5 years now and shows no sign of relenting.

I was two years old when Paul Simon’s Graceland was released, and when I went running into the house to tell my Mum I had diamonds on the soles of my shoes, she thought I was a child genius; I then told her that the biggest kick I’d ever got was doing a thing called the crocodile rock and that I’d seen Lucy in the sky with Darren…not diamonds, and she saw a theme developing.

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Premiere: Video: “Help Me! Help Me!” by Lucy Schwartz

Lucy Schwartz self-released EP Help Me! Help Me! is now available on iTunes. The EP features tracks such as “Gone Away” and “Gravity” as heard on ER, Private Practice, and Grey’s Anatomy, as well as songs from Lucy’s forthcoming full-length album “Life in Letters.” Get it here. In the music video for title track “Help Me! Help Me!” Lucy takes home-made to the extreme. All props, puppets, costumes, and choreography were done by Lucy herself. It was directed by her brother, Ian Schwartz, and shot in the Schwartz home–which was cleared of all furniture to make space for the giant puppet stage.