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Music For Rap Lovers: Lyrical Exercise

lyrical exerciseSo, my younger brother thought that his playlists are better then mine and opted to make his own compilation. Lyrical Exercise is a rap compilation, probably the only one you will ever see on this site. We promised him to post it here if he made a worthy playlist. So, if you know any rap lovers out there refer them to this one!

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leslie clion ew

Introducing… Leslie Clio

leslie clion ew

Now just do not seem too smart. Not stupid but not too clever. That would be disastrous – and unnecessary. She is young, blond and blue eyed. Your Soul is naive. In these big blue eyes reflect the wonder of our earthly existence. You’ve already seen more than their peers. Leslie Clio is a traveler, it is the world because they can not be stopped.


The one no one believes. One can not overstress the need of the hour. Not seem too smart. Not too thickly. The reality is tight enough. Take, for example, the pop-nation par excellence, UK. Loves the slight hint of a lack of perfection. The public is suspicious when things seem to be slick. Rather, it clings to the illusion of unconcern. This explains Dusty Springfield , in the Sixties, the Queen of the so-called “blue-eyed soul” that she is known only as a performer today. Continue reading


Sexy Track: “Tease Me” by Lianne La Havas

lianne-la-havas-2_wide-e42e26177c7b7a64669a8d374c1caa479223cb9a-s6-c10Lianne La Havas continues to impress us with all these amazing album cuts. Although six singles have been releases from her critically-acclaimed Is Your Love Big Enough?, the littler tracks are really what makes this an unforgettable experience. If we didn’t know any better we would say this is an Andreya Triana track post-Bonobo. But, it’s one of the more sullen, less quirky songs on the album. It’s sheer melancholy with deep lyrics and the right amount of despair. Beautiful mixture not because of the richness of the flavor  but because of the balance of the ingredients.



Sexy Track: “Without You” by Brandy

brandy-new-211-picWhen it comes to good R&B, nobody does it like Brandy. She’s got it all, the voice, the history, the right choice of lyrics and a knack to incorporate new sounds into a standardized genre. In this case, Brandy goes back to basics with an adorning ballad about longing and lost love.

“Without You” is a sad song about not being able to live without that one person. The story of the song is matched with Brandy’s yearning, yet not overwhelming vocals. It doesn’t set out to impress you at first, in fact, it is one of those track that will strike you only after a couple of listens. When it does though, it’s a whole different relationship. We hope this song gets picked as the next single.