Hotel: Lily in Maldives

“The primary objective has been to upgrade the resort to a high quality, luxury experience. Only natural materials are used for all its Villas as well as Public areas. The final product is a fusion of contemporary design and local Maldivian architecture. It is a wonderful combination of wood, different kinds of natural stones and modern design, which blend in creatively with the natural surroundings of the island.” – from Private.


Maldives government holds meeting underwater in protest


In protest of the threat of global warming, the Maldives government has held a cabinet meeting underwater. We have recently been there and we can see why they want to save this stretch of 1,200 islands that are, what looks like, paradise on earth. Maldives’ highest elevation doesn’t exceed the 2 meter mark. So, if there would be a slight rise in sea water levels, that would mean a wipe-out from the islands for the natives.

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