Lady Gaga rejects duet with Madonna!


Allegedly, Madonna asked Lady Gaga to perform a song with her onstage but Lady Gaga turned her down. Madonna explained: “You know, I invited her onstage to sing with me. But, she turned me down. It’s okay. I’ve been rejected before. It builds a little character.”

This is funny coming from Madonna. Despite MDNA‘s commercial performance, this women’s ego remains exponentially inflated. Did she forget how many times she insulted and ridiculed Lady Gaga in public? Or the fact that she still covers Gaga’s “Born This Way” in her live shows segued with “Express Yourself” to further beat the dead horse of the similarities between the song.

Still, Madonna expects Lady Gaga to run to her feet when asked? The truth is the new generation is more inclined with Gaga. Even if Madonna is iconic, it would do nothing for Gaga to perform with her. Being iconic never shifted album copies, just ask Grace Jones.

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Madonna on her new fragrance, love and liking her “sandwiches” cut!

Madonna tries to really hard to perform a triple whammy by promoting her fragrance, album and tour all in the same time without giving too much to the media. Also, this “love” thing has got to drop because it, in fact, is more “reductive” than anything in the pop world right now.

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