Sexy Track: “Miracle” by Kimbra


Disco is back, but it’s not all good. Many people are missing the point of disco with this sudden resurrection named nudisco. However, just like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” some people get it right. In this case. it’s Kimbra all the way from Australia.

Kimbra’s second album (and her best to date) packs the punch and one of the most iridescent tracks on The Golden Echo is “Miracle.” It’s a disco throwback with the modern edge cultivating a special blend without being dated or in-your-face. The vocals are completely up to par – not overwhelming the delicately catchy melody. If there is any pop justice in the world, this would be a colossal hit.

Exclusive: Music For May: Fetalia

fetaliaYou know how we always serve up the fun and giddy because it’s all you want, well in May and September we sometimes just do what we want. The summer months are filled with glee, so this is our last chance to take you on a moody trip before the beach takes over and your Vitamin D intake has you jumping off of walls (for the Northern Hemisphere, that is). Anyway, this one is probably one of our personal favorites and one that, if given a chance, can be yours. Of course, as always, give us your feedback. Back in the day we used to love the feedback, now it’s overwhelming, but still very welcome.

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Loft List: 10 Amazing Songs by Solange!


As you know, the whole incident with Jay-Z with an indifferent Beyonce has taken Solange’s name from the music industry realm to a household name. Suddenly, everyone’s an expert on Solange and knows what solange is. Mostly people attribute her as Beyonce’s little sister living the shadow’s of the divas fame. But, as music lovers, we know that Solange is probably one of the best artists of our time. In fact, many people are quick to pigeonhole her into being an artist trying to cram her career under the Beyonce umbrella.

In reality, Beyonce’s mega-fame has overshadowed Solange’s talents in many ways. It has also curtailed industry people from recognizing her as an artist in her own right! So, we decided to create this list of songs by Solange that we think are amazing in order for you to be the judge! Here they are:

1. “Losing You” from True EP

Probably the best merging of funk sensibility in a mainstream pop track.

2. “I Decided” from Sol-Angel And The Hadley Street Dreams

If the Motown vibe lived on, this would be one of its recent hits.

3. “Lovers In The Parking Lot” from True EP

Soul personified with an alternative twist.

4. “Cash In” from the Saint Heron Compilation

Sultry anthem for neosoul’s grandchildren.

5. “Sandcastle Disco” from Sol-Angel And The Hadley Street Dreams

Yes, a non-EDM dance song in today’s world that gives all a run for their money.

6. “T.O.N.Y” from Sol-Angel And The Hadley Street Dreams

R&B at its most hearfelt and playful.

7. “6 O’clock Blues” from the Cadillac Records Soundtrack

Throwback singalong with a modern polish.

8. “Twice” from Robert Glasper’s Black Radio Recovered: The Remix

Jazz standard revisited by her amazing vocals.

9. “Cosmic Journey” from Sol-Angel And The Hadley Street Dreams

Her best work. Better than anything Beyonce ever released (our opinion)

10. “Feelin’ U” from Solo Star

The debut track that started it all. Too MOR, but there’s a spark.

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