Original Sugababes are back together!

The drama continues. The original line-up of the Sugababes (the way we liked them) are back together according to a few not-so-mysterious tweets here and there, allegedly. The two ladies who have active twitter accounts – Mutya and Keisha – have both tweeted that they are in the studio with two other ladies. Hmmm. This is not rocket science as the girls have expressed discontent with what has happen with “their” band. And to us, the band has totally jumped the shark after Keisha left. Let’s hope we hear from the original line up real soon!


Siobhán Donaghy dishes the dirt on the Sugababes


What we all wanted to hear is finally hear: Keisha Buchanan did bully Siobhán Donaghy out of the orignal line-up of the Sugababes. And Siobhán Donaghy will never forgive her, apparently. The raven-haired vixen is back and doing some nw material after she decried her solo efforts. Read the entire article here.