Legendary // “Fotografia” // Juanes featuring Nelly Furtado

Aside from the fact that her last album didn’t impress us very much (aside from the amazing “Bucket List”), Nelly Furtado remains one of our all-time favorite artists. So much so that we have a section in our iTunes dedicated solely to her collaborations and this is one of them. Although we don’t really know much about Spanish-language Nelly Furtado, this is a gem on its own and the melody speaks for itself.


Must-Watch: Video Premiere: “Bucket List” by Nelly Furtado

Yes! Nelly Furtado finally came to her senses and released the best track on The Spirit Indestructible as a single! This is what we wanted to happen in the beginning. We hope that Nelly Furtado is not down in the dumps about the slumping sales of the album, because if she could churn up hits like this she will always turn this little hobby of herin profit. This is, hands down, one of our all time favorite Nelly Furtado tracks! Continue reading