Sexy Track: “Without You” by Brandy

brandy-new-211-picWhen it comes to good R&B, nobody does it like Brandy. She’s got it all, the voice, the history, the right choice of lyrics and a knack to incorporate new sounds into a standardized genre. In this case, Brandy goes back to basics with an adorning ballad about longing and lost love.

“Without You” is a sad song about not being able to live without that one person. The story of the song is matched with Brandy’s yearning, yet not overwhelming vocals. It doesn’t set out to impress you at first, in fact, it is one of those track that will strike you only after a couple of listens. When it does though, it’s a whole different relationship. We hope this song gets picked as the next single.



Video Premiere: “The Beginning” by RuPaul

RuPaul’s not set to end her campaign for her album Glamazon, especially with a fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race coming up at the end of this month! The new single is designed to commemorate the new year. It’s also the first track on her album. We love the laugh at the end of the video!

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Is Jon Bon Jovi dead?

Twitter’s #1 trending topic worldwide right now is Jon Bon Jovi. The rumor is that the “Chelsea Girl” singer is dead. No news yet that is official and a part of us feels like some people could have phonetically mistake the lead singer of Bon Jovi with Kim Jong Il. Maybe? What do you think. I hope he didn’t pass away.

UPDATE: He’s not.


Lofty Prediction: Beyonce to release an album this summer!

Although Beyonce has announced that she is working on new material a while back, this was not triggered by that fact. Instead, three things come to mind. First, her last vacation. She said she wanted to recharge and that Caribbean escape was it. Second, SiA Furler was supposed to be working with Beyonce on the album, but there were enough tracks to fill a whole disc. That was mentioned by SiA herself. Third, the peculiar and sudden sign-up to Glastonbury. Only someone who had something to plug or promote would headline that festival in June. So, we say hooray to a fourth album in summer, maybe?

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Lady Gaga’s big announcement…

This is day-old news now and it’s been everywhere, but we have to post it. So, the big announcement from Lady Gaga on NYE was that her new single is coming out in February 13th, 2011 and is  titled “Born This Way,” which was highly-touted by Elton John to be a big gay anthem. The album of the same name, Born This Way, will be out on May  23rd, 2011. This gap between single and album is very big, but we expect some leaks along the way. Exciting.

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