Exclusive: Pop Form: Carina Dahl


Artist: Carina Dahl
Nickname: Bambi.. haha..
Birth Date: 15 August
Star Sign: Leo
Sound Description: pop
Favorite Color: Dark Olive Green
Favorite Artist Right Now: Taylor Swift
Favorite Artist Growing Up: Madonna
Favorite Film: The Hangover
Favorite Spice Girl: Melanie B
Favorite Drink: Espresso Martini
Favorite Gadget: My iPhone, too addicted
Favorite Song Lyric: A lot of Lana Del Rey´s songs. If i have to pick; “Radio” or “Off to the races”
Fantasy One Night Stand: Actor; Tom Hardy
Most Embarrassing Moment: When they gave med the wrong mic stand in Norwegian Eurovision
Where You’d Like to Be in 5 Years: To be working with my music at a high level. Hopefully doing really good 😉 Im on my way…. :p

Latest Single: Sleepwalking
New Album: Gave out Hot Child 2.0 in 2011, working on my next! But hey, u got the Sleepwalking EP? 😉
Website: or my blogg
Twitter: & dont forget instagram: carinadahl

noora noor

Introducing… Noora Noor

noora noor

Noora Noor is finally back with her third album “Soul Deep”. The album was released in Norway this Spring with raving reviews. Norway’s main daily newspaper VG even gave the album top score with a 6 on the dice.
Noora Noor was signed to Warner at the age of 15 after they saw her on a youth festival. She started working with a new production team in Trondheim called Stargate. Their first success single together was «Need You». A song that was played extensively on MTV’s popular program «The Lick». Noora’s first album «Curous» got great response in several territories as the first R&B album released by Warner Norway, and this secured release in main territories as Germany and Japan (sold 50.000). Stargate got good international contacts after producing Noora and went on to produce S Club 7 and later Beyonce, Akon and most hit US R&B albums.
kate havnevik new cover shoot loft 965

Exclusive: 5 Questions With Kate Havnevik


1. Greetings From Kuwait! picked your song “Unlike Me” as a “Legendary” track. How do you feel about that and what do you think the rest of the year holds for you?

I think thats amazing! I am very flattered! It’s amazing to me that “Unlike Me” is an important song for a lot of people, it’s an important song to me as well.

I think the rest of the years is gonna be very busy for me in a good way! I just released my new album “YOU” and there are shows to play and PR to do, but I am also just finishing my next album “& I” set to be released in the fall sometime. So things are pretty full on to be honest. There are so many places I would love to go and play concerts as my fanbase is very spread out, but only so much time to reach around. I am also getting involved in a soundtrack for a film and that will be taking a lot of time too! But all good and very exciting!



2. Right now, we can’t get enough of You. How are you promoting the new album and what will be the next single released from it?

SO glad you like the new album !

I am just doing very organic pr, building it up slowly, doing small bits and pieces here and there. I’d love the album to have a long life and not be a big splash that quickly disappears……

Regarding singles it actually varies from territory to territory. At the moment I have been focusing on the two markets where I live which is Norway and the UK. “MYYM” is the first single in Norway, but “Mouth 2 Mouth” is the first single in the UK… we are just about to decide what the next single will be …. so wait and see 🙂



3. When will the second installation to the album series “And I” drop and what should we expect?

I am aiming for a release late this year, thats my goal. “&I” goes hand in hand with YOU and is almost like a part 2. It might be slightly darker and varied in sound, but very much in the same vein, same spirit and same family as YOU….



4. Your music is very ethereal, who are your major influences growing up?

Both my parents, being classical musicians, I have been very influenced by classical music, Debussy, Prokoviev, Bartok etc…. but apart from that we had all sorts of pop music as well. As a 10 year old I loved A-HA , he he …. of course … and they are Norwegian…. I also listened to David Bowie , Pink Floyd and Joni Mitchell… which was a big inspiration to start playing guitar. My dad would play Kate Bush in the car , and we’d sing along to Babooshka while he was driving fast over the speedbumps ! 🙂



5. We love quotes, what is your favorite quote or motto?

I love quotes too! 🙂 here are a couple of my favorites….. 🙂


“Without music, life would be an error.”

– Nietzsche

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” – Hunter S. Thompson

Poetry and Hums aren’t things which you get, they’re things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you.” – Winnie the Pooh

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Sexy Track: “Do You Remember” by Ane Brun

Everyone knows Norway’s Ane Brun can bring a melancholy winter like no one can. She can bring up down from the highest tops, just listen to any of her album cuts and you will want to slit something. Some downer songs are lovely, but Ane Brun has decided to take her artistic vision to a new level and explore some more upbeat rhythms. on “Do You Remember” Ane Brun divorces sadness in a quest for some foot-tapping goodness. Of course, the biggest draw has stayed the same – that layered voice. The vocals on this track make the song. The beats are nothing new, but the chorus will take you to another level. A true ode to nostalgia dressed as a clapping song. This is not just a great track, but proof that great artists don’t falter by exploring new genres.