Omar Afuni releases new album titled “Soundproof”


Omar Afuni‘s second album is out! The disc is titled Soundproof and it is a natural progression from his debut’s direction. Omar was so nice as to email us some information about the tracks. Here it is:

  • Songs like ‘Escape the Box‘ and ‘Bad‘ were specifically inspired by Middle Eastern societies that tend to put people in boxes and expect them to be a certain way, otherwise they’re considered outcasts when all they really want is their freedom and to be loved for who they are. (Can we get an “Amen” up in here?) Continue reading
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Omar Afuni covers Mariah Carey’s “Close My Eyes” in celebration of’s 4th anniversary!

Singer/songwriter (and our friend) Omar Afuni has recorded a cover version of Mariah Carey’s “Close My Eyes” from the Butterfly album in commemoration of our blog’s 4th anniversary. Yes, not only did he pick one of our favorite tracks on the album, but he also tacked on a very nice video of why he covered this song. This is just amazing!

We love this and we would like to thank Omar Afuni for taking the time out from promoting his new single “Music Therapy” to do this little ditty for us! It is highly appreciated! Continue reading


Free Download: “Resurrected” by Omar Afuni

We have to say we are very fond of Omar Afuni’s debut album Resurrected. It is a great mix of pop-conscious beats and dance anthems. It’s very much worth the download and is completely free for now! So head over to Omar Afuni’s official website and download it now!

Click here to be forwarded to the free download!