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Sexy Track: “On The Metro” by Girls Aloud

Girls AloudWhen we heard of Girls Aloud’s return as a group, we were mucho excited. No that we had any high standard for  the extra couple of tracks they will tack onto their second greatest hits collection, but at the prospect of having the ability to see them live for the first time. However, the two single launched to promote Ten didn’t really resonate with us.

However, there is one track by the name of “On The Metro” that is so infectious we can’t get enough of it. In fact, it riles us up so much that we don’t care about onlookers in nearby cars when we are blasting it in our car stereo.

No surprise, the track was penned by the lovely Nicola Roberts. Let’s hope their management is wise enough to release this track as a single – it can light a dance floor on fire!  Continue reading