Adele is still far away from recording third album!

adele being adele new album single photo 2012


Apparently Adele is busy with a lot of meetings and has not yet put the bulk of the effort into her highly-anticipated third album. She said at the Grammy Awards: “I’m not very far along at all… I’m having lots of meetings… I’ve been in LA the whole time since the Globes and I’ll be here till the Oscars,” she continued. “So I’m having lots of meetings but I’ve been out of the loop really.” Continue reading


Bill Maher should have gotten a nomination

200px-religulous_posterIf you ask me, and i am being totally baised again, Bill Maher’s fantastical documentary “Religulous” should have been at least nominated for the oscars. The Academy Awards are known for being a little light on liberalism (Paradise Now’s loss) and high on pomp (Heath Ledger winning). The documentary was unlike any other and it deserved some kudos, especially for such a crucial subject rarely visited. It’s out now on DVD, so go get it.