Sexy Track: “Mouth To Mouth” by Paloma Faith


Paloma Faith is back in a big way. The mini-diva is set to take on the world with her third album (yes, you heard us right, she has three albums under her belt now!). Paloma has worked with Pharrell on the lead single “Can’t Rely On You” from the album A Perfect Contradiction, which gave her her second UK Top 10 hit. (And yes, she has only had two UK Top 10 hits).

Still, the standout track from this scrumptious album is not the lead single. It is an upbeat number titled “Mouth To Mouth.” It is an uplifting ditty with a highly infectious chorus. The tune is co-written with Raphael Saadiq and Taura Stinson. If the record execs or Paloma Faith are looking for another UK Top 10 Hit – this is the song for it. Heck, it can even be a Billboard hit if US Radio wasn’t so saturated. It’s so good it makes resuscitation sound sexy. Give it a listen!