Sexy Track: “Imagine It Was Us” by Jessie Ware

JessieWare_2013Jessie Ware has acclimated everyone to believe that she is a low-tempo chanteuse, verging on the cusp of trip hop but without being too unapproachable. Well, that’s all wrong. This track proves that not only can Jessie Ware try other genres, but she can also make you dance.

Listen to the track and watch the video here. 

“Imagine Is Was Us” is a track tacked onto the debut album in time for her US landing. The song is stomp-worthy with a big synth feel and yearning lyrics. Yes, the kind of pop song that can get remixed a thousand times but still would catch you from the lyrics. This is exceptional work from Ware, whom we’ve supported from the get-go.  Continue reading


Boogaloo Stu releases his new single “Magic Soul”


Boogaloo Stu releases his new single Magic Soul on 4th March 2013 through Telefunc Records. Magic Soul is taken from the album of the same name which is due for release in April.

In between touring his theatrical extravaganzas Pop Magic, Puppet Paramour and his newest show Crimplene Millionaire, Stu has found the time over the past three years to record a batch of new songs, and the album Magic Soul is the result.

Magic Soul is Stu’s third album, the follow-up to 2008’s Enough About You…Let’s Talk About Me and his 2004 debut album The Glambassador. Over the years Stu has gained a following in Russia, Japan and South Korea, in 2010 releasing a Best Of compilation in Japan. Continue reading


Girls Aloud promo ad for “Ten”

Ten is the second greatest hits album by British and Irish all-female pop group Girls Aloud. It will be released in the United Kingdom on 26 November 2012 through Fascination Records. The album consists of fourteen previous Girls Aloud singles, including three of the group’s number one singles “Sound of the Underground”, “I’ll Stand by You” and “The Promise” and four new tracks including the single “Something New”. Did you hear that? Four new tracks!  Continue reading

kylie minogue 2013 new album download

Kylie Minogue is already working on the next album!

Kylie Minogue has confessed that although she is amidst promoting The Abbey Road Sessions the diva is already thinking of and working on her next full-length album. Yes, there is a new album from the goddess that is Kylie Minogue in the works!

Kylie explained to Yahoo! OMG!  that: “I have started work on the next album. Obviously this year has had me focused on other things but when I had a bit of time – actually in January, that long ago – I took my first steps into the studio.”

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