Madonna ecstatic about Obama winning the election!

Being a staunch leftie, Madonna was really happy to see Obama reelected. She was beaming with joy during her Detriot concert show, exclaiming: “I’m ecstatically happy Obama is our president,” she said. “Let’s embrace him. Let’s be happy.”

“I love you, too,” she told that segment of the crowd.“What’s so great about the United States of America is we live in a democracy,” she continued. “You can boo all you want, but… I’ve been around the world, and there are a lot of countries out there fighting for that right. Whether you got who you want or not in the White House, at least you had the privilege of voting. That’s what makes the United States of America great. We can choose… don’t be haters.” Continue reading

Mariah Carey - Simply Samad J28

First Listen: “Bring It On Home” by Mariah Carey

Various blogs are reporting that this is a new song from the 2013 album. Others are saying it was released to coincide with Obama’s victory. At any rate, it doesn’t sound like album material at all. But, it’s good to get some new material from our diva. Let’s hope more and more surface real soon for the lambily.

UPDATE: Okay, so it’s been clarified its only an Obama tribute song.






First Listen: “Wild Man” by Kate Bush

Kate Bush has decided to unleash another album after a 6 year hiatus. “Wild Man” is supposed to be released soon and is the first single from the album 50 Words For Snow, which features Elton John and Stephen Fry. The album sounds like a return to her roots on a different direction than Aerial. We are liking it. Click below to listen to it.

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Kate Bush to release new album in 2011!

According to a blog we love, Kate Bush is readying up a release that will be the successor to her album Aerial, which was widely believed to be her ticket to retirement in her island home in the Thames River. This is very exciting news as we were not expecting anything from the Queen of  quirk. It will probably top the year-end lists!

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