Details on Mariah Carey’s new album slated for 2014!


As most of you know, Mariah Carey has been working hard at the studio to deliver to follow up to her last album. Yes lambs, Mariah has some new beats and they will probably come our way real soon.

  • One of the songs is called “Bring It On Home” and it has already semi-leaked. Click here to listen to it. 
  • We have an intuitive feeling that “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” will not be on the album.
  • Nicki Minaj is not on the album.
  • MC said about her fourteenth studio album: “I’m collaborating with a lot of my favorite people but the main thing is [that] I’m not trying to follow any particular trend, I want it to be well received. I want to stay true to myself and the music that I love and make the fans happy”.
  • There are rumors circulating that Beyonce had allegedly teamed up with Mariah Carey on a track titled “Further Up” for the new project. No word as to the validity of this story and/or it will be featured on which of the divas album. Mariah Carey has a project coming out around the same time in early Spring to coincide with all the American Idol hoopla.
  • Expect a big ballad (this is just an educated guess).
  • The album is apparently slated for a May 2014 release, but that could change as per usual!
  • We will update with more info on this post as it comes! Bookmark!
  • Mariah worked with Jermaine and Brian Michael Cox  “We did like ten songs. I don’t know how many songs are going to stick, but Mariah is like our sister. We love her and she calls. She always calls and a lot of artists don’t call. Mariah is one that consistently is like “If we’ve worked before, we can work again.” I love Mariah for that because she’s a true friend. We did a bunch of songs and I think four or five may stick. We’re excited about it.”
  • DJ Clue recently confirmed on Twitter, in response to a fan’s tweet, that he will be working with Mariah on her new album: “@DJCLUE:She hit me yesterday about Yes RT @ThiagoHonorato: @DJCLUE will you be working with Mariah in her new album? I hope so.”
  • Worked with Loris Holland(composer, record producer, synthesizer and songwriter). Loris was heavily involved with ‘Merry Christmas”. “In the studio, recording w/ Randy Jackson, Loris Holland & some truly amazing musicians. Can’t wait till u hear it,LYM!
  • Randy Jackson on Mariah: Going back to Mariah for a second — when can we expect an album? “We’ve got some hot new music, and there’s gonna be a single some time soon. There’ll be an album as well. We’re talking about a world tour. There’s a lot of stuff going on.”
  • David Morales has hinted at a collaboration with Mariah Carey on Twitter. Let’s hope it’s a song this time and not just a remix!
  • In May 2013, Mariah announced that she has written and recorded a song called “Mesmerized” for the Lee Daniels film The Paperboy. It is not clear if this song will be on Mariah’s new record, or released separately.
  • Grammy nominated hip-hop, R&B and contemporary music producer/rapper Hit Boy (Chauncey Hollis) and Mariah tweeted that they are in the studio together.
  • Allegedly, It is rumored that Mariah and Alicia Keys worked on a song together.
  •  Also, allegedly, R. Kelly might be doing something with her.
  •  A picture of Mariah Carey with The-Dream has surfaced on Twitter, prompting rumors that the two are working together again.
  • “I want to go sooner, but I guess it wouldn’t be ready until around January, somewhere around there.” Carey continued: “I wanted to put another single out, a ballad. I love it, but I’m still writing, I’m still working. So, you never know what it’s going to end up being”.

Thank you Michael for the help with this post!


Mariah Carey is releasing a new single, album soon!


Mariah Carey’s apparently in the process of recording “a very, very hot record” according to her friend and American Idol colleague, Randy Jackson.

Having a chat to Billboard about his new range of guitars (!), he was obviously asked about something more interesting, ie Mariah Carey.

“We’ve got some hot new music, and there’s gonna be a single some time soon,” he said, foregoing specifics. “There’ll be an album as well. We’re talking about a world tour. There’s a lot of stuff going on.” Continue reading


Mariah Carey joins American Idol as new judge!

Yes, we know it’s old news now. Also, we know most lambs are psyched for it. But, other than the fact that we will see more mariahisms coming our way on the tube, we are not reeling for the news. First off, we never watch any of those talent reality shows. This means that now we have to catch every single episode that our diva is featured on. Second, we liked that Mariah the diva didn’t give too much of herself to the media. A nice interview here and there is not bad, but gracing our lives every week is not what we think the world deserves. She’s too cool for that (in our eyes).

Since it is going to happen whether we like it or not, we are going to try to embrace it. We also hope the rest of the world gets to see the real Mariah persona that we have been loving for ages. Moreover, exposure to new fans is always better. Let’s hope this venture will notch up more #1s for Mariah worldwide!  Continue reading


Mariah Carey working with Walter Afanasieff again!

The person who collaborated with Mariah on “Hero” and many other classics is back! Yesterday, Isabella Afanasieff, daughter of Walter Afanasieff, shared a little secret on Twitter: “A little bird told me my dad’s flying to NY to work with her next month. It’s a secret though. Shhhhh. I think you can spill the news. I’m too excited. My father is finally going to be working with her again after 16 years.”
 Not everyone believed her, so she said: “I heard it from my father. Sorry you don’t believe things. Who are you by the way? Maybe next time you want to accuse someone of lying, you should get your facts straight. And not accuse Walter Afanasieff’s kid. Just curious, who told you it’s not happening? Because I was with my dad and Randy Jackson when they were talking. Hopefully they can spark the flame that ignited that fire 20 years ago once again.”
 When a fan asked if Isabella shouldn’t keep this a secret, she answered: “I was told it was ok by my dad. I did ask before I opened my mouth. But thanks for your concern. They start working mid July. To all the haters and non believers. Do you think it was easy growing up with a dad in the music industry? It wasn’t. I never saw him.”


Mariah Carey working with Randy Jackson and Big Jim Wright on new album!

It’s good to hear some fresh music news from Mariah Carey other than that millionth version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” with Justin Beiber. What a mess. Anyway, Big Jim Wright and Randy Jackson are working on new tracks for Mariah. This is exciting news, but let’s face it. We won’t see this album until at least mid-2012. Check the below tweets!