Video Premiere: “Tube Stops And Lonely Hearts” by Annie

Annie is back with anew song after she threatened us with a long hiatus. The alt-pop dance damsel is back with a darker sound, but equally as riveting as her other material. This new sound is a collaboration with Richard X and apparently there is a whole EP coming soon!  Continue reading


Beyonce allegedly collaborated with Sia, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks, Solange Knowles and Ne-Yo on new album!

BeyonceRunTheWorld-e1305777424535Yes, you heard it here first. Beyonce allegedly collaborated with Sia, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks, Solange Knowles and Ne-Yo on new album! Apparently there is a lot of sisterly love on there. Meanwhile, she managed to hit two birds in one stone with Rihanna collaboration because many thought the singers had a tiny dispute of sorts. Anyway, we would love to listen to the Sia and Solange tracks! Continue reading

leslie clion ew

Introducing… Leslie Clio

leslie clion ew

Now just do not seem too smart. Not stupid but not too clever. That would be disastrous – and unnecessary. She is young, blond and blue eyed. Your Soul is naive. In these big blue eyes reflect the wonder of our earthly existence. You’ve already seen more than their peers. Leslie Clio is a traveler, it is the world because they can not be stopped.


The one no one believes. One can not overstress the need of the hour. Not seem too smart. Not too thickly. The reality is tight enough. Take, for example, the pop-nation par excellence, UK. Loves the slight hint of a lack of perfection. The public is suspicious when things seem to be slick. Rather, it clings to the illusion of unconcern. This explains Dusty Springfield , in the Sixties, the Queen of the so-called “blue-eyed soul” that she is known only as a performer today. Continue reading

Josephine Oniyama

Exclusive Interview: Pop Form: Josephine Oniyama

Josephine Oniyama



Artist: Josephine


Nickname: Jo


Age: 29


Sound Description: folk, soul, pop


Favorite Color: red


Favorite Artist Right Now: First Aid Kit


Favorite Artist Growing Up: Bob Dylan


Favorite Film: Pan’s Labyrinth


Favorite Spice Girl: sporty


Favorite Drink: tea


Favorite Gadget: kindle


Continue reading


Sexy Track: “21” by Delilah

Delilah impressed us with “Love You So” – an upbeat number. But, this time around she proved that she is versatile when it comes to making music. “21” is a haunting number about being personally broken over an issue. It’s a lovely number with a very infectious beat, which will meander into your heart very easily. The chorus brings you to a halt with its subtle yet profound message when she says “you turned 21.” The backing melody is just genius that any sombre lyric laid upon it will prove vibrant in contrast.


Video Premiere: “Sonic Armada (A Trip To The Moon)” by Air

Air always impress. This is a new gem from the forthcoming album of the same title, but in French. It’s an old to the classic film and a great visual to attach to their ethereal sound and moody melodies. Watch out for more from Air over her at all this January!