Sexy Track: “Sexotheque” by La Roux



La Roux has taken to long of a hiatus, but this song is worth it. Although it hasn’t been announced as a single, it surely will be. Maybe in the Fall when you need to get rid of your La Toux. Regardless, this is a solid pop number that can be the savior to the sophomore album, and Elly Jackson’s first solo effort, Trouble In Paradise.

The song is a reggae-tinged pop track with a fun summery feeling. Of course, lyrically, it is arousing – to say the least. But the real draw here is the chorus and the catchy hook. It’s as if every section is a hook, very ABBA in its template. The storyline is also intriguing and the sound is like nothing you have heard on the radio lately, which may make it hard to play in the US, but it has the guts to challaenge that market, too. Give it a listen and tell us what you think!