Jewel records new version of “Foolish Games” with Kelly Clarkson!

Okay, so we are generally mad at the direction Jewel took post-0304, but this is just pushing it. Why is the voice of my generation hanging with people who peddle Ron Paul and getting super okie when she clearly has an international fan base. We think Jewel needs to get back to making non Americentric folk music.



Video Premiere: “Catch My Breath” by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson might have endorsed Ron Paul, prompting a boycott of all her stuff this website, which we are very sure gave her many sleepless nights. However, she rectified her standpoint on civil rights and everything is almost fine right now. Not really, but y’all don’t care. Anyway, here’s the new video for her song which will be on the greatest hits collection.