Sia is writing for Katy Perry’s next album!

SiaFurler_10577Katy Perry just tweeted that Sia Furler is in the studio with her writing some songs for the next album. Yes, Sia, who has no time for her original fans anymore, is writing for the blandest of the them all – Katy Perry.

Of course this doesn’t make us happy as we have been anticipating a new Sia album for a while now but it seems that the original people who supported her will have to wait some more for another MOR hit penned by Sia. Sia, we are only doing this because we love you and we love to hear you r vocals on your words.  Continue reading


Katy Perry’s new music is “darker!”


Katy Perry is reportedly moving away from ice cream cones and lollipops for her further music as she said “My music is about to get real fucking dark.” Not sure what that means as we don’t think she is capable of delivering anything deeper than what she is doing, but let’s wait and see. For some reason we feel it will sound like Evanescence.  Continue reading

Video Premiere: “The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry

The video treatment for this song is cute, but the sound of the track is mundane and we feel it sounds like any Katy Perry song. And the tattooing thing is stolen right out of her bestfriend Rihanna’s video for “We Found Love.” Can we stop at this for the last single from Teenage Dream now?

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