Lady Gaga’s “Fashion” sounds very similar to Madonna’s “Holiday”

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Okay, so we have been trying to give Lady Gaga’s mess of an album ARTPOP a listen or two and we spotted a very uncanny resemblance on one of the tracks to a Madonna classic. The melody for Lady Gaga’s new song off of ARTPOP titled “Fashion” sounds very similar to that of Madonna’s iconic “Holiday.” In fact, the melody is so close that we can’t bear listening to the song knowing that the annoying one didn’t even credit Madonna. We still can’t get over the last time she allegedly stole from Madonna on “Born This Way.”



Official cover art of KT Tunstall single “Fade Like A Shadow”

Tunstall’s on her third album and we are probably as excited for her new album Tiger Suit as we are for Body Talk PT3. This is the lead single, which is usually the most rockin’ track on the set. This will be the first single in the US, but the first single in the UK will be titled “(Still A) Weirdo.” Not sure why that is, but radio formats are not as experimental in the US, so we are guessing the US release is the “Suddenly I See” of the album  and it will be the next single for KT in the UK. Just a guess!


Mariah Carey’s sampler for Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel has leaked


Now, you can listen to snippets of all of Mariah Carey’s songs on Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel over at The tracks sound very scrumptious and very soulful. There are a bunch of slow numbers and good percentage of midtempo. As per usual, there’s an absence of uptempo, but that never hurt Mariah. The interludes, reprises and prologues all sound like great syncers and stand-alones. This is our take, but then again we are huge fans.

Listen to them over here.


Did MIKA steal from Belinda Carslile?


I have been hesitant to report on MIKA latest effort because I felt like the song was all kinds of wonderful turd. There’s just too much going on and the chorus doesn’t sync well. Also, it brings back the memory of the Go-Go’s. Now, as I listen to a the song with the a friend he pointed out the similarity between “We Are Golden” and “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” by Belinda Carslile. The chorus sounds melodically exact and there is no writing credit on the song. It sounds too close for comfort. And, he has a sampling history. By “sampling,” I mean taking the whole song and it’s melody then changing the lyrics around and making it his. He did it with “Relax (Take It Easy)” and totally mangled Cutting Crew’s “(I Just) Died In Your Arms.” All-in-all, I’d be surprised if We Are Golden survived the sophomore slump. Click below to listen to the song to compare and contrast.

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