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Janet Devlin postpones tour, readies debut album!

janet devlin new

Due to extended recording commitments, Janet Devlin’s debut headline UK tour has been rescheduled, and will now commence on Thursday 12th September 2013 in Bournemouth. Janet and her Management sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this causes her fans.


“Hey Guys! I wanted to be the first to let you know that my debut headline UK tour has been rescheduled to later this year. I’m so sorry for this, but I hope you can understand why this decision has been made. I need the next few months to fully concentrate on the recording sessions for my debut album, which officially started last week. Please see behind the scenes pics for some exclusive shots of me in the studio…


It is very important to me that when the tour takes place, all the fans know all the songs from my debut album, and to make sure I can make this the best show possible! I know you are all going to love it! We have some amazing tracks for you to hear!


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Sexy Track: “Neva Soft” by Ms. Dynamite

just when you thought she’s out, she’s back! Ms. Dynamite who was once touted to be the savoir of Brit-soul has a new single under sleeve and it has nothing to do with hype, it’s about a good sound. Ms. Dynamite merges many of the UK’s lesser-known genres like Trip-Hop, Ragga and Britsoul into one track. The Ragga parts annoyed us at first but now we like them. “Neva Soft” is a deep and dark pop song. It has a message without compromising the integrity of the song structure and the catchiness of overall track. It’s strong and deep with consideration to melody. This might not put her back on top just because its harder to digest than the mainstream pop overwhelming the airwaves, but it is a testament to her talent.