The Saturdays

Sexy Track: “What About Us” by The Saturdays

The+SaturdaysWe are a little late on this one, but we somewhat turned a blind eye on this track as we thought it was just released to capture the US market, which usually doesn’t rattle our senses as pure pop is never given enough justice stateside. But, we were wrong.

This is probably one of the best singles The Saturdays have ever released. It has enough lyric lines to make you live through the summer happy. This beat is infectious and robust. It’s one of those songs that you can’t help but create hair-flipping choreography to! We are loving every minute of it!



Video Premiere: “Tube Stops And Lonely Hearts” by Annie

Annie is back with anew song after she threatened us with a long hiatus. The alt-pop dance damsel is back with a darker sound, but equally as riveting as her other material. This new sound is a collaboration with Richard X and apparently there is a whole EP coming soon!  Continue reading


Legendary: “I Want You” by Madonna

Madonna has experimented with many things, but only a few collaborations have taken her to a different scope. This collaboration with trip hop powerhouse Massive Attack is one of her best. This track gets the essence of yearning to the T. It feels like someone really wanted something without doing a feasibility study and still not caring about that. It’s just magic.  Continue reading


Video Premiere: “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s second single has gotten a video treatment. “Mirrors,” unfortunately, sounds exactly like “Cry Me A River,” which is not a decade old! We don’t know why his management thought this would be a good sound to go with because it just shows that he hasn’t evolved that much since his debut solo album.  Continue reading

The main photo.

We were featured in Gucci’s “Icons For Icons” book!

We have been busy lately working on several ventures both for the blog and in our daytime job at the UN. This may be old news to the people who follow us on Instagram, but it’s worth a mention. Gucci, for the opening of the new Kuwaiti store in AlHamra Tower, chose us to be one of the people represented in their book Icons For Icons.

The book opens with this text: “How do you define an icon? For us, icons are those who leave an indelible mark on society. They have the power to instigate change; a  passion so fiery it has the potential to redefine a generation.”

Well, that’s a mouthful. Although we don’t know if we can wear that crown, we definitely did a Cher hair-flip to it. But, in reality, what they are trying to say is that they were looking for people who did something different and stuck to it, or at least that’s what we’d like to believe.

Anyway, since we really didn’t get much local recognition for founding and maintaining this blog, we are pleased and glad to take acclaim from institutions like Esquire, Puma, Gucci and now Pepsi. This is all due to the effort we put in this blog and our other projects while maintaining a day job. So, cheers to you all for being a part of this journey.Thank you all.  Now, let’s get a retweet.

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Video Premiere: “State Of Dreaming” by Marina & The Diamonds

Marina & The Diamonds (or as we like to called her Borina & The Diamonds) is back with the ninth video offering from her second album. Although we totally loved “I Am Not A Robot” from the first album, this doesn’t really do it for us. Continue reading