Introducing… Sophie Delila


Even if Sophie Delila thinks her life could use a remix, most people would be happy with the original version. Indeed, Delila is a unique artist who has devoted her whole existence to music, always pushing her limits, trying to widen her artistic horizons and boost her creativity.

For her second album with Universal, My Life Could Use A Remix, which overflows with her love for rhythmic melodic pop soul, she has relentlessly tracked down her own truth. For the past two years, she has worked in her studio in London, where she now lives, and written about sixty songs, making inspiration, risk-taking and authenticity key elements of her quest. She has been right to be so demanding, since she has succeeded in writing a collection of radically urban modern songs, which also ask timeless questions and reveal her weaknesses. She sings ?What Did I Do?, echoing the painful and sudden rejection of a best friend who lives on another continent. She wonders ?Where Does the Love Go?, in a mid-tempo ballad loaded with divine piano and backing vocals. And the catchy ?If I Should Die Tonight? sounds like a real confession on the dancefloor, with an implacable beat.

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