Kelly Rowland’s new album is called…

Kelly Rowland already has to hit singles under her sleeve for the new album which was supposed to be called Year Of The Woman. However, “Ice” and “Kisses Down Low” will be at home on the new album, which Kelly clarified, is now called…

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Beyonce releases promo ad for her “The Mrs. Carter Show” tour!

Beyonce’s new theme is everything royal. It seems like she is trying to gain the queendom, is she already didn’t. The concerts are supposed to start in Europe and end in the USA. No word yet on Australia, Asia, South America or Africa. Let’s hope she stops by in either Beirut or Dubai.  Continue reading

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Alicia Keys’ 2013 Super Bowl US National Anthem Performance!

Alicia Keys 2013 Super Bowl National Anthem Performance
So much has been said about Beyonce’s inaugural lip-syncing that Alicia Keys’ prep work was all but ignored. But on Sunday, Keys made good on her earlier promises to deliver an all-new version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” when she sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

Keys’ rendition was powerful and moving — and she didn’t have any problems singing the lyrics as they’re written. That’s more than can be said for Christina Aguilera, who infamously goofed when she performed the song at the 2011 Super Bowl.
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Watch Beyonce’s performance at the Superbowl 2013!

beyonce+superbowl+2013Ok, if you love Beyonce then you are in complete anticipation of her highly-awaited performance at the Superbowl. Beyonce will most probably throw Madonna’s gig out of the ballpark (forgive the pun). We know that Destiny’s Child are allegedly going to show up because of Michelle’s facial expressions here, still what we are really looking forward to is her grand new song debut. We feel like it’s going to be stellar! Because we live far away in Kuwait City, we have managed to figure out how we are going to watch it/ stream it live – and here it is!  Continue reading

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Details on Beyonce’s new album slated for 2013!

beyonce rainbow fierceWhile everyone is making their year-end charts, we are super excited for some music coming our way in 2013! One of the albums we are waiting for is Beyonce’s fifth album, not because we absolutely devour everything she does, but because its predecessor, 4, is just amazeballs! So, here is some information we gathered (and educatedly guessed) on what we can expect from the new album.

  • Ryan Tedder is working on it. He said there are “two projects happening.” Could it be another I Am… Sasha Fierce
  • Some producers who are allegedly on the album are The-Dream, Kanye West, Hit-Boy, Diane Warren, Miguel, Swizz Beatz, Missy Elliott, Jo’zzy and Ne-Yo.
  • Her husband, Jay-Z, is allegedly slated for a little vocal cameo on the album
  • It’s not called 5 or V.
  • The first single will be out before the Super Bowl XLVII.
  • The documentary on HBO will allegedly have snippets of the album.
  • Knowles will also star as Queen Tara in the upcoming 3D CGI animated film Epic, to be released by 20th Century Fox on May 24, 2013. There allegedly might be a song on that soundtrack.
  • There are rumors circulating that Beyonce had allegedly teamed up with Mariah Carey on a track titled “Further Up” for the new project. No word as to the validity of this story and/or it will be featured on which of the divas album. Mariah Carey has a project coming out around the same time in early Spring to coincide with all the American Idol hoopla.
  • There will be an extensive tour following the album, allegedly, as she couldn’t really tour for 4 because she wanted to keep it low during her pregnancy.
  • Allegedly, there will be a surprise during her Superbowl performance.
  • Her first single will probably be way better than Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Lovin'”
  • The big $50 Million Pepsi endorsement will be probably be everywhere throughout the promotion campaign for this new album.
  •  Perez Hilton reported that Justin Timberlake was spotted leaving a NYC recording studio with the couple. (The last time Timberlake and Beyoncé worked together was in 2007, on his track “Until the End of Time.”)
  • Could it be a duets album?
  • Could it be called Blue?
  • The $50 million deal will include typical channels of advertising like commercials and print ads. In addition, Pepsi has also pledged a multimillion-dollar “creative content development fund” to support Beyonce’s artistic endeavors. We wonder what that entails?

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