Watch Beyonce’s performance at the Superbowl 2013!

beyonce+superbowl+2013Ok, if you love Beyonce then you are in complete anticipation of her highly-awaited performance at the Superbowl. Beyonce will most probably throw Madonna’s gig out of the ballpark (forgive the pun). We know that Destiny’s Child are allegedly going to show up because of Michelle’s facial expressions here, still what we are really looking forward to is her grand new song debut. We feel like it’s going to be stellar! Because we live far away in Kuwait City, we have managed to figure out how we are going to watch it/ stream it live – and here it is!  Continue reading

beyonce 2013

Beyonce to be releasing new music in January 2013!

beyonce 2013Everyone knows that Beyonce is set to take the stage at the Superbowl next year. Well, that’s the only mainstream artist out there that can outshine Madonna (or maybe not). News just in allegedly, is that Beyonce will supply the world with a new single, at least, before she makes her stage appearance. Yes, what a way to promote the first single off of Beyonce as yet untitled 5th album. So, expect new big music from Beyonce within a couple of weeks!  Continue reading


M.I.A. flips the finger amidst Madonna’s Superbowl performance!

While Madonna’s performance has its ups, downfalls and an “almost fall,” the real star of the Superbowl was none other than M.I.A., who shocked every conservative American parent in the bible belt by flipping her finger in the middle of her rap during Madonna’s new single “Give Me All Your Luvin’.” No word on whether it was intended, but it was fast, yet sexy. Knowing Madonna’s work ethic, it would properly piss her off had it been unannounced. You know? How dare she upstage Madge!


Watch Madonna’s entire Superbowl performance!

Madonna’s gone and done one of the biggest performances of her life. We are busy at work, so we can’t watch it, but we will definitely tell you what we think once we get around to it. Pom poms, however, are always a plus.