Video Premiere: “Stars” by Mark Owen

You might not know this, but we were fans of Mark Owen’s early solo career. We totally fell in love with his semi-hit singles “Clementine” and lesser-known “4 Minute Warning.” But, now that Take That are on a break as Robbie tries to finesse the lackluster tracks on his latest album, Mark is on the solo roll again with “Stars.” The new album is called The Art Of Doing Nothing and it comes out June 10th.  Continue reading

robbie williams album mind

Robbie Williams to make a big announcement tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Robbie Williams is set to make a big announcement on his new project, allegedly. The singer hasn’t release a solo effort in a while and time is ticking for some new material to debut. Rumor has it that an album will be announced along with a single. The concept of the new project seems to focus on the mind – with a whole phrenology graphic of Robbie’s head posted on the official website. Let’s hope its some new music.

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Video Premiere: “When We Were Young” by Take That

The last album of Take That’s hasn’t been on our playlist and we are not sure we downloaded it or not. We should as we are fans of the band, but the last few singles weren’t up our ally. At any rate, this is the new video for their single “When We Were Young.”