Sexy Track: “Disco Love” by The Saturdays


When it comes to girl bands, there’s only one that’s doing it like it should be done. The Saturdays are it. Nothing else comes close at this point. Even Danity Kane getting back together doesn’t come close. The band are a good example of an act which knows their audience and cater straight to them. Or not so straight.

Click here to listen to the track and watch the video. 

This new track, which is another single from their yet-untitled fourth studio album, is just pop bliss. “Disco Love” is a rambunctious gayly happy summer song with all the elements that make you want to play with your synthetic hair. Yes, it’s pop ballast in one go with lyrics siting such greats as Donna Summer. This is very well-preened pop. Taste it.


Must-Watch: The Saturdays premiere video for “Disco Love”

This song has been on repeat on our iPod for like 4 days now! It is all kinds of amazing and its totally a beautiful sound. Lol at Frankie who is heading in the passenger seat to hide the baby bump. Why? She should have been showing it off and dancing! We do think, though, that it borrow a little from Jessica Simpson’s “A Public Affair.” We love this!