Kylie Minogue talks about new album!

kyliefmfytourbookloftKylie Minogue has so much to give, she is already talking about her 12th album! The diva is ready to take on the world with Roc Nation on this dance album. She said: “It’s bringing out something different in me, which is cool,” she asserts. “I need to know what it is to do something different – different style of delivery, different beats, different subject matter. I think that I am a natural chameleon, so that floats my boat”.

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First Listen: “Heart Attack (Belanger Remix)” by Demi Lovato


Fresh new beats arriving right to your hardware. Pop a fizzy, bathe in the outdoors or just add some more suntan. It’s all good in the hood, but this beat will DEFINITELY keep you SIZZLING, darling! And it’s concocted by one of our favorite people!  Continue reading


Sexy Track: “Come & Get It” by Selena Gomez

selena-gomez-2013Selena Gomez’s last album was our favorite gult pleasure. Yes, we didn’t want to admit it as all. But, she delivered on so many different. So, naturally, we are waiting for her new release. Girl, did she shock us.

Listen to the song here! 

This new song starts out with an oriental beat (or what the West thinks is oriental whatever that is), then meanders into teen rocks without being too intrusive. It’s a fun little track that is very well executed. Give it a listen!


jodeci new

Must-Watch: Jodeci booed off stage in London!


Jodeci (or K-Ci & Jojo +1) have gone downhill since they haven’t scored a hit single in a while. The former R&B icons seem to have a lot of to work through with claims by people that the were high on drugs during the concert and/or there was a fight going on, allegedly. Not sure what was happening in the video but it didn’t look like  a hoot.  Continue reading