Joy Behar and guests discuss Carrie PreJean sex scandal

Seriously, it’s always the people who have something to hide who raise the religious and/or conservative flag. She made a name for herself championing bigotry and ignorance and behind the scenes she’s not practicing what she preaches at all. The closet is a dark, dark place, isn’t it?

Obama addresses the LGBT community…

On his side again. What a moving speech. No international news channel broadcast this (except for a tiny bit in BBC International). They should have really. This message of change should’ve gotten across to the world because it’s not just an American issue, it’s an international issue. When the world listen to one of the most loved public figures the world over say such things they might realize that this is a issue of concern and look around them. Hate, in any form, should never be accepted. One’s beliefs shouldn’t curtail another person’s road to happiness. Anyway, getting too preachy here. But, you get the point. Click below for the rest of the speech.

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