Lady Gaga says her third album is her best work!

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Can you believe that Lady Gaga is already on her third album! The Gaga is very excited about her album and she told an Australian radio show that it is certainly her best work yet. The album is set to drop in the fourth quarter of this year. Yes, we are getting a whole new album this year. Some people release three albums and then release a greatest hits collection. Not the Gaga, she is on a roll. Also, in other news, Lady Gaga will celebrate her 24th birthday by visiting the dingiest bar that smells like urine. She said that and we love her.


How to play with pee and poo…


Haven’t you always thought that human waste had a playful aspect about it. Are a fan of the (proverbial) golden shower? Well, count on the Swedish to bring you Pee & Poo. The latest in stuffed toys. One resembles #1 and the other resembles #2. They are cut and cuddly. You can sleep right next to them with a smile, just like you did when you where a baby. 

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