Melanie C insinuates that Geri Halliwell is the worst singer in the Spice Girls!

Wow, we always knew that Melanie C wasn’t at her best with Geri Halliwell, but we didn’t know the grudge was still going. Maybe it was said in jest, but we can’t help to believe that she still believes it. Geri Halliwell is not the strongest singer, but she surely has a lot of charisma!  Continue reading

robbie williams album mind

Robbie Williams to make a big announcement tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Robbie Williams is set to make a big announcement on his new project, allegedly. The singer hasn’t release a solo effort in a while and time is ticking for some new material to debut. Rumor has it that an album will be announced along with a single. The concept of the new project seems to focus on the mind – with a whole phrenology graphic of Robbie’s head posted on the official website. Let’s hope its some new music.

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Jeff Hahn Maya von Doll4

Exclusive: Pop Form: Maya Von Doll

Artist: Maya von Doll

Nickname: Meow

Age: 27

Sound Description: Tough pop.

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Artist Right Now: Sleigh Bells

Favorite Artist Growing Up: Blondie

Favorite Film: Machete

Favorite Spice Girl: Cheryl Cole

Favorite Drink: Cup of English breakfast tea, milk no sugar

Favorite Gadget: M-audio midi synth – it fits in hand luggage

Anything else we should know: I still grieve my childhood cat ‘Tigerroo’ and I want to be buried with my current favourite teddy ‘Flatty’.

New Album: is out on October 15th



The Spice Girls rocked the Olympics Closing Ceremony 2012!

As you can tell from the amazing gifs above, the Spice Girls rocked the Olympics closing ceremony. In fact, the were the best thing in the entire Olympics. Victoria strutted, Geri danced, Emma sashay, Mel C jumped around and Melanie B showed us some real sexy.

No matter what people say there was something about the Spice Girls that we haven’t seen before and have yet to see in another band. Maybe its charisma. Not sure, but they know how to get your attention and keep it. Next, catching their broadway show!

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