Adam Lambert visits The View

We don’t understand what all the hoopla is about, really. And why is he a little apologetic about it saying he got carried away. He really didn’t do anything. We don’t see Lil’ Wayne and Eminem apologizing for objectifying and disrespecting women. Seriously, parents are not OK with a little hanky panky of stage, but ok with misogyny. Give us a break!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck might have a brain

She barely scratch the surface of the surface of progressive thinking. But, at least she is not protecting anything republican and conservative these days. She admitted her dislike for Ann Coulter, who I hate so much that I am starting to like her. Now, she is taking a stand against the “lying sack of dog crap” shit-starter Glen Beck, who this half-white Obama is racist against “white culture.” What the hell is white culture? That’s Nazi-speak to me. I mean, that’s verging on some Ku Klux Klan bullshit.