Video Premiere: “Imagine It Was Us” by Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware is basking in the glory of all the critical acclaim and the celebrity mentions she had received in the past year, therefore, it’s good to keep the momentum going with a track that was not originally on the album. “Imagine It Was Us” is on the US version of Devotion and on the Gold edition of the UK version. It’s a bit uptempo for Jessie Ware, but it does sound funky! Give it a spin!  Continue reading

jessie ware light

First Listen: “Wildest Moments (Ft. A$AP Rocky)” by Jessie Ware

We don’t know why people resort to these half-hearted rap collaborations to hit the US market. Amy Winehouse did it, so did Kylie Minogue. This song did not need the balderdash, it’s strong enough to deliver on its own. Continue reading


Clive Davis comes out of the closet!

CLIVE DAVIS GAY COMES OUTWe didn’t see that one coming! He’s out and apparently kinda proud (but late). We are used t o Clive Davis being around divas, we didn’t know he was a diva, too! Yes, the guy who supported Whitney Houston, Monica and Kelly Clarkson’s careers has come out of the closet as bisexual in his new memoir. Click here for more information.   Continue reading