alexandra burke new

Alexandra Burke discusses new album, bad sales of last album!

alexandra burke new

Alexandra Burke said on the flop of her last album, Heartbreak On Hold,: ““I loved that album. I loved the positivity behind it. This new album is very different – I’m listening to Aretha, Gladys Knight, Billie Holiday. I’m being inspired by the greats – particularly those who may have been forgotten by my generation. All I want to do is sing and have people hear my voice. If that means slowing things down then so be it… although I do love to dance!” Continue reading


Video Preview: “Boomerang” by Nicole Scherzinger

This video looks like it is fun, but Nicole Scherzinger has yet to learn a thing or two about over achieving. Her (And Ciara) always look like they are over doing it, whereas a real diva would probably put just as much effort into her work without showing it. You don’t gotta show that you are bump and grinding in order to bump and grind, if you know what we mean.

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