Video Premiere: “You’re The One” by Dondria

Dondria had two songs before this one that were exceptional for a new artist. “Weight Of My Tears” and “Can’t Stop” were great songs, so it comes a surprise to us that she’s choose this mediocre R&B ballad straight out of the Monica side as her first single and video. It’s just not as good as the other songs.

Carly Simon makes a video for “You’re So Vain” 38 years after release

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Carly Simon has decided to make a video for her song “You’re So Vain” this year. The song was released back in 1972 and never got the video treatment. “Classic” channels would usually play live versions of the song in place of a video. “You’re So Vain” is arguably Caryl Simon’s biggest hit ever and the singer is looking to make some more cash out of it. Simon started a competition for fans to make a video for the song and to guess who this song is about. Well, all the Janet Jackson fans know that it’s about Mick Jagger, because when Simon’s track was sampled for Janet’s song “Son Of A Gun” Carly provided a little rap bit that made it obvious.


Dondria to release “You’re The One” as debut single

Dondria has a had a few underground cyber hits including the impeccable “Can’t Stop” and the sexy-smooth “Weight Of My Tears.” However, the So So Def signed soulstress is releasing another song as her debut. It’s called “You’re The One” and this is the artwork for it. Can’t wait to listen to it.